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I Can Help You

If you’ve been wondering...

How long will my divorce settlement last?

​What if I have to find a job?

Are my children's lifestyles protected now and in the future?

​How will I maintain my pre-divorce lifestyle?

Summerhill Wealth Management can provide both answers and solutions.

​Hello, I'm Olivia Summerhill. 

I have helped hundreds of affluent women preserve and enhance their lifestyle after divorce.


I know how complicated and overwhelming finances can feel, especially for women who have dedicated their time to their family, and now have to focus on day-to-day financial concerns and long-term wealth management.


It doesn’t have to be that way. I can help you gain control of your finances, protect your standard of living and grow your wealth. 

Create more wealth after divorce.

Divorce from an ultra-high-net-worth family doesn't mean you have to leave your pre-divorce lifestyle behind.  

With the right planning strategies, you can maximize your settlement and alimony and grow your personal long-term wealth—without making sacrifices. 


While it might feel overwhelming to suddenly be in charge of complex daily and long-term financial decisions, I can help take weight off your shoulders. 


In addition, I have a wide network of top-tier women professionals on my side to help facilitate the plans we put in place together. This powerful team includes luxury home realtors, divorce attorneys, accountants, estate attorneys, therapists and business appraisers.

What Olivia's Clients are Saying:

As Seen In: 

"Olivia gave me the peace of mind when I needed it the most.  She was the epitome of discrete and provided sound, clear advice, that has allowed me and my children to maintain our lifestyle"

-Stephanie S. 


Work with Summerhill Wealth Management

Olivia works individually and discreetly with a select number of women each year, which allows her to provide the highest level of personalized attention to each and every client. 

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